10 Best Investment Apps UK & Trading Apps UK With Effective Robo Advisors For Automated Investment

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    Discover the 10 best investment apps rated by users that offer Robo advisor services as a solution for a more controlled and automated online trading experience.

    Make sure you research any investment app’s terms and conditions first before you sign up and invest your money. You should also make sure you fully understand what happens with your money, so read these Robo investment need-to-knows.

    1. Interactive Investor

    Interactive InvestorPlatform Type – ‍Investment Platform

    Annual Platform Fee for the site/app – £120 – £240

    Minimum ISA Deposit – ‍£25

    Interactive Investor has the many UK and overseas shares, funds, investment trusts, and ETFs. Around 40,000 investments are provided this app gives a free trade every month, where you can buy or sell the investment you wish.


    • Free to top up your ISA each month
    • No trading fees with its regular investing service
    • Several ready-made funds and expert ideas where the investor can choose the needed.
    • Interactive Investor’s products include Trading Account, Stocks and Shares ISA, SIPP, and Junior ISA.

    2. Hargreaves Lansdown

    Hargreaves LansdownPlatform Type – ‍Investment Platform

    Annual Platform Fee – ‍0.45% – 0% (Funds), 0.45% (Shares – max £45/year)

    Minimum ISA Deposit – £100 lump sum or £25 per month

    Your investing career can be started with an award-winning ISA. Starting from UK shares there are many funds, investment trusts, and ETFs, and so on. Expert ideas and research are also provided.


    • pick a ready-made portfolio
    • Manage via the website, app, or phone
    • The services include Stocks and Shares ISA, Lifetime ISA, Junior ISA, Fund and Share Account, and SIPP.

    3. InvestEngine

    InvestEnginePlatform Type – Investment Platform

    Annual Platform Fee – Free – 0.25%

    Minimum ISA Deposit – ‍£100

    InvestEngine is a UK investment platform providing ready-made and commission-free DIY investments. Users can invest in ETFs through a Stocks and Shares ISA, personal account, or business account. With InvestEngine, there are If you choose the DIY Portfolio, you can invest in ETFs commission-free.


    • ready-made and commission-free DIY investments.
    • no setup fees, dealing fees, ISA fees, or withdrawal fees.
    • Promo: £50 welcome bonus. Terms and conditions apply.

    4. Stake

    StakePlatform Type – ‍Trading App

    Annual Platform Fee – ‍£0

    Minimum Deposit – £50

    The upgraded version of Stake that is Stake black is more significant than the original version that provides a global commission-free brokerage that gives you access to 4,500 US stocks and ETFs. You have free access to all kinds of platforms, unlimited commission-free trades, advance order types, and fractional trading.


    • You can use it through mobile as well as the web interface
    • Promo: Promo code: KOODY
    • Free stock is available in brands like Nike, GoPro, Dropbox, or a mystery stock) for all users who open their account, and the company funds it with at least £50 within 24 hours of opening the account.

    5. Degiro

    DegiroPlatform Type – Trading App

    Annual Platform Fee – ‍£0

    Minimum Deposit – ‍£0

    This is an award-winning investment broker app. Having a variety of trade in stocks, bonds, 200 commission-free ETFs, options, futures, warrants, certificates, and more across 50 international exchanges. DEGIRO offers various financial investments for investors to widen their portfolios.


    • You may not have to pay a dealing charge when you invest in just ETFs.
    • Over 1 million customers across 18 countries.
    • It is suitable for both beginner and advanced investors.
    • You can access the platform on any device via the web portal or mobile app.

    6. Moneyfarm

    MoneyfarmPlatform Type – Robo Advisor

    Annual Platform Fee – 0.75% – 0.35%

    Minimum ISA Deposit – ‍£500

    Providing a personalized investment plan this site has seven globally diversified risk-rated portfolios, including ethical investments. The team behind this company makes sure your portfolio is well managed upon the risks that you wish to take. The portfolio would contain investments all around the world.


    • Benefit from free and personalized digital financial advice from Moneyfarm’s investment consultants
    • You can chat, phone, email, or meet your consultant in person.

    Moneyfarm’s products include Stocks and Shares ISA, General Investment Account, and Personal Pension. Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) investment style to its portfolios.

    7. Nutmeg

    NutmegPlatform Type – ‍Investment Platform

    Annual Platform Fee – £120 – £240

    Minimum ISA Deposit – £100

    This site provides an investment place only for exchange-traded funds (ETF) hence those who are looking for places to add their portfolio to this site won’t be able to do so. A minimum investment of 5000 Euros is needed if the amount is less than the same, the investor needs to commit to a monthly debit of 100 Euros. The site is hugely used in the UK, and it follows a strict policy thus safeguarding its users. You can easily withdraw the money whenever you want. It is perfect for those who want to start and take the first steps in the trading world.


    • Great track record over the past 5-7 years.
    • Great reputation in the UK.
    • Fees start from 0.75% for balances of sub-£100,000.

    8. Scalable Capital

    Scalable Capital

    Platform Type – ‍Investment Platform

    Minimum ISA Deposit – £10,000

    This is suitable for people who want to join with a large amount of money. The portfolio would contain investment options from more than 90 different countries. All represented by ETFs, this includes everything from shares, government and corporate bonds, real estate, commodities, and cash. This is a passive investment process. This website provides and follows a very strict policy and is highly regulated. Perfect for the people who have a basic understanding of stocks.


    • Best suited for those looking to invest large amounts.
    • Access thousands of assets from over 90 countries.
    • 100% passive investment process.

    9. eVestor

    eVestorPlatform Type – ‍Investment Platform

    Annual Platform Fee – ‍£300

    Minimum ISA Deposit – ‍£1000

    eVisitor provides lower fees and account minimums. Consider just entering the world of stock for a minimum deposit of just £1, this is what eVestor provides their customer. They are straightforward with their policies. With a super low cost, you can understand and walk through the world of stocks with guidance. In total, there are three portfolios to choose from at this platform – low, medium, and high risk.


    • Pay an average of £4.90 for every £1,000 invested
    • No deposit or early exit fees
    • Mobile app on iOS and Android devices

    10. WealthSimple

    WealthSimplePlatform Type – ‍Investment Platform

    Annual Platform Fee – 0.5% management fee according to the value in stocks

    Minimum ISA Deposit – $1

    Having its roots in Canada, WealthSimple is one of the biggest Robo advisor investment platforms with automated dividend reinvestment around the world. There is no minimum investment in this platform. Having over £3 billion under management and 175,000 investors to boot, this platform has set its standards. There are plenty of portfolios to choose from. Just like most of the platforms, this is truly based upon the theme of risk vs reward ratio that you wish to dwell upon.

    Some of the markets that you can add to strengthen your portfolio from this site will include global company bonds, emerging market government bonds, UK stocks, North American stocks, European stocks, Asian stocks, and emerging markets stocks. 


    • A trusted name in the Robo advisor space
    • There is no minimum investment
    • There are no deposit or withdrawal fees
    • The risk is upon your choice
    • Dividend reinvestment feature
    • Regulated by the FCA and partnered with the FSCS
    • Suitable for all experience levels.


    Now you know the 10 top-rated Robo investment services as per the user ratings in no particular order with their individual features and offerings. But just like all apps, it is important to read all the disclaimers before investing your money as its value can go up and down.

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