How to Blend Using Marketing Translation with the Latest Technology

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    Marketing is constantly evolving. As technology grows and people communicate in new ways, marketers are using those advances for both analyzing data and communicating with customers.

    But what happens with marketing when a company wants to work in a new region? That’s where cost-efficient translations in writing come into play. Below we’ll cover how to use a translation company to work with marketing technology so that you can have quality translations to tackle a new marketplace.

    Translation Marketing and the Digital Landscape

    Marketing has long made use of the digital landscape, all the way back to the 1990s when website URLs would suddenly be printed on the packaging. Marketing in the digital landscape has not gone anywhere, but it keeps evolving as we use the internet differently. William Mamane, CMO of Tomedes, advises that some of the top types of digital advertising that translation marketing can handle are social media, email, pay per click, content marketing, SEO/link building, display advertising, and affiliate marketing.

    Translation Marketing trends

    If you want to expand your business into other regions that speak different languages or are already working in foreign regions, digital marketing is a great way to reach those demographics. With digital marketing, you can reach any audience from any location, making it an essential tool for international companies.

    Below, we’ll look at why quality translations are necessary for some of the major types of digital advertising. These include:

    Social media

    This type of marketing is a conversational and direct form of communication. As such, translations have to get the tone and message just right, while looking native to the culture and social media platform itself. Quality translations from a professional translation company can help to ensure this.


    Consider using a marketing translation company for emails. Emails take on many different forms, from sales emails to newsletter formats. Quality translations can help navigate those styles with ease. A good translation company will be able to make the language look professional, yet native. After all, emails that come looking like they were written by people with poor language skills can feel instantly spammy.

    Pay per click

    This type of digital ad generates revenue based on how many people click the ad. As such, ads must be expertly localized and written in order to entice as many people as possible to click. Both graphics and text must be updated for the new culture.

    Content marketing

    With content marketing, quality translations are a must. Content marketing involves using text like blogs, articles, or social media updates to spread useful and engaging information in a way that raises awareness of the company. For instance, a pet food company might write an article about the best exercises for a dog. It doesn’t directly sell a product, but it does entice people to engage with the company and demonstrate the brand’s knowledge. What makes a good translation? When it comes to content marketing, a good translation company can help deliver engaging, culturally sensitive articles in any region.

    Translation Marketing and Digital Landscape


    Display advertising

    This type of advertising online is meant to be eye-catching. It encompasses banner ads, audio, video, text ads, and more. Quality translations can handle the text, and a good translation company can help with the localization process too, to make sure the graphics fit into the new culture as well as the words.

    These are the most common ways to market in a digital environment. They’ve been around for years now, but there are also emerging types of marketing for which you might need quality translations…

    The Latest Marketing Trends and Quality Translations

    Marketing moves as fast as our technology trends. When tech like chatbots become popular, enterprising marketers will find a way to use them. Below are a few of the emerging marketing trends that might need cost-efficient translations to harness the power of:

    Big data

    This is growing at an exponential rate. Big data is all over the business world, with data collected from POS transactions, consumer surveys, in-store buying trends, and even wearables in the healthcare industry. With big data comes the need to display and analyze it; quality translations can help with reports doing just that.

    Translation Marketing and the Digital Landscape

    Conversational marketing

    This where a marketer has a one-on-one, real-time conversation with consumers. After all, 82% of consumers want an immediate response. It might be through chat programs or social media. This is where you might use international translation services or even bilingual employees to work in another language.


    63% of consumers don’t like how brands send generic advertising content repeatedly, so you need to ensure your content reaches people on a personal level in any language, from putting names in emails to suggesting personalized products.

    How to Find a Translation Company

    It’s easy to find a translation company by looking online. You might use local keywords to search for ones in your area, as translation companies in the UK. You can also ask your professional network to recommend a translation company.

    Vet the background of the service by checking past work through portfolios, looking over sector-specific expertise, and keeping an eye on how your point of contact communicates. How do you ensure translation quality? A good process has multiple stages of review to ensure accuracy. And what are the qualities of a good translation? A good translation will be culturally sensitive, keep the core message intact and fit in natively with the new culture while blending marketing knowledge and tech advances perfectly.

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