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    Blog hosting is the process of storing all the data about the whole blog or page in a separate online memory which will be displayed every time when any user directs that site. The hosting platform should be chosen carefully because of the risks. There may be a chance of getting spoiled totally if you use the wrong hosting platform. Your site will be slower, or the blog may be crashed due to several internal issues. This is the reason for choosing the best hosting site for your blog.

    Here, we listed the cheapest hosting platform to host your blog. After collecting the performance, user ratings, duration, and price of the many hosting platforms, we listed the best 8 blog hosting sites.

    How to choose the best blog hosting?

    To choose the best hosting platform, you need to concentrate on 3 main factors. They are,

    Uptime: The minimum uptime should be 99.90%. If the uptime is low then, it will cause higher traffic.

    Loading Speed: Always choose the high-speed loading time platform to keep your audience engaged. The load time is an important factor that helps the user to load a site faster and it improves the SERP ranking.

    Customer Support: Not all people can give the best blog. So, choose a hosting that provides excellent customer support which will be helpful for you to publish the best blog.

    We have tested over 60 hosting services which can provide cheap hosting service for a blog and shortlisted the top 8 web hosting companies to host a blog.

    Top 10 Best Hosting Platforms for Blogs

    After examining a lot of hosting sites that provide cheap services based on different criteria, we listed the best blog hosting sites that has high-performance scores.

    1. SeekaHost

    wordpress hosting site panel by SeekaHost

    SeekaHost is the best blog hosting service site for both beginners and experienced. It is also the best option for a private blog network. They offer 7 days free trial which will be especially useful for beginners to understand. It is suitable for both WordPress and non-WordPress sites. The information will be highly secured, and they provide 24/7 full customer support. The special feature of this site is free SSL certificate is provided.

    The SeekaHost WordPress blog hosting control panel can be accessed on with a 7 days free trail and it’s the easiest solution to build a private blog network using multiple IP hosting.

    Pricing Plans:

    Starter: $1.49 per month

    Supports 1 blog site hosting with 2GB of disk space for a single WordPress blog. These are super optimized WordPress hosting plans so you can build blogs that perform better.

    Standard: $5.50 per month

    Supports 3 blog sites with 15GB of disk space for three WordPress blogs.

    Growth: $8.00 per month

    Supports five blog sites with 50GB of disk space for five WordPress blogs.

    Premium: $12.00 per month

    Supports 10 blog sites with 100 GB of disk space for ten WordPress blogs. Remote support is also provided for the premium packs.

    2. Dreamhost


    Dreamhost was launched in 1996 and it connects 1.5 million networks. Its uptime was 99.5% and it offers cheap plans for shared web hosting. If you are not satisfied with the service, you can ask for your money back and they will return within 3 months.


    They offer free domain registration and SSL certificate and excellent customer care support.

    Pricing Plans:

    Starter: $2.59 per month

    It supports a single website with unlimited bandwidth, daily backup option.

    Unlimited: $3.95 per month

    It provides unlimited websites for users with unlimited bandwidth and good traffic.

    3. Bluehost


    Bluehost is one of the best hosting companies recommended by WordPress due to its efficiency and cost-effective features. Blue hosting is good for beginners in that it provides, a customized hosting panel where the options are very easy to classify and identify.


    It offers various features like One-click WordPress installation, free domain registration, a pre-installed WordPress site, a guaranteed 30 days cash back policy, and excellent 24/7 customer support.

    Pricing Plans:

     Basic Plan: $2.95 per month

    It covers 50GB disk space and a free domain name for a single website.

    Plus: $5.45 per month

    It covers unlimited disk space, email storage, and unlimited email accounts for an unlimited website.

    Choice Plus: $5,45 per month

    It covers all features in the plus plan, add to that you will get domain privacy and auto backups.

    4. GoDaddy


    GoDaddy is one of the biggest hosting company providers with the cheapest hosting plans, especially for blogs. The prices and the plans provided by GoDaddy have attracted many users and even beginners. One-click launching features with the free domain registration with the daily backup.

    GoDaddy is the best option for bloggers who have more than one website. They provide 24/7 customer support with unlimited storage. Users can migrate easily from one site to another.

    Pricing Plans:

    Basic: $1 per month

    It provides a single website, with 100GB web space and it shows good traffic.

    Deluxe: $9.99 per month

    It supports one website and provides unlimited bandwidth and 1,00,000 visitors monthly.

    Ultimate: $12.99 per month

    It provides unlimited bandwidth for two websites and 4,00,000 visitors monthly.

    5. Hostinger


    Hostinger is the web hosting service that offers the cheapest web hosting especially for blog hosting and it includes lots of features. It is a great choice for bloggers and new beginners. Hostinger is the best option for WordPress websites, and they are working close to the Bluehost to satisfy their users.


    They also offer free domain registration and SSL certificate, 24/7 customer support, single-click WordPress installation, etc.,

    Pricing Plans:

    Basic plan: $1.39 per month

    It is the best plan if you are launching your first blog.

    Premium Plan: $2.15 per month

    People who need to use more than a blog or website can use this plan for excellent performance.

    Business Plan: $3.45 per month

    This plan is best for business websites. It provides a free SSL certificate and a regular backup.

    6. Namecheap


    Namecheap is one of the most popular web hosting and domain registration sites and it provides monthly payment options. The maximum number of websites provided by Namecheap is 3 websites with the shared memory space. Also, it allows you to choose the US or UK-based data center. It is very cheap, and the hosting starts from $1.44 per month.

    Pricing Plans:

    Steller: $1.44 per month

    IT provides 3 websites with 20 GB of webspace.

    Stellar Plus: $4.88 per month

    Unlimited SSD storage, bandwidth, and websites

    Stellar Business: $8.88 per month

    The stellar plan provides unlimited websites and bandwidth with 50 GB of SSD webspace.

    7. HostGator


    HostGator is new to the hosting industry, it offers unlimited bandwidth and storage space to its users. It is easy to install and has the feature of one-click WordPress installation. It also offers a free SSL Certificate and customer care support. It offers free migration and 45 days payback policy.

    Pricing Plans:

    Hatchling: 2.75 per month

    The plan is best for a single website user, with less traffic.

    Baby: 3.95 per month

    Supports unlimited websites with medium traffic, suitable for small business websites.

    Business: 5.95 per month

    It is best as it provides good traffic, and it is helpful for professional bloggers and enterprises.

    8. A2Hosting


    A2hosting is an optimized server that provides a faster hosting service with less traffic.  A2hosting is the best option for all the bloggers who give importance to faster loading time. It is easy to install WordPress, also provides unlimited data storage.


    It also offers customer care support, website migration, free SSL certificates, and monthly payment options.

    Pricing Plans:

    Lite: $2.99 per month

    Best options for basic sites and it supports a single website with limited storage.

    Swift: $4.90 per month

    It provides unlimited websites for bloggers and it is useful for the users who need medium traffic.

    Turbo: $9.31 per month

    The Turbo is a plan which is best for professional bloggers and it provides unlimited sites to publish your blog.

    9. SiteGround


    SiteGround is another officially recommended blog hosting provider by WordPress. It provides a super-fast hosting service that is more stable and secure. SiteGround provides Web hosting, WordPress installation, Woo Commerce hosting, and Cloud hosting. They also offer free SSL installation, website migration, and 30 days money-back policy.

    Pricing Plans:

     Startup: £2.99 per month

    It provides 10 GB of data space for a single website and 10,000 visits monthly.

    GrowBig: £4.99 per month

    It provides 20 GB webspace for unlimited websites and 25,000 visits monthly.

    GoGeek: £9.99 per month

    It provides 40 GB of web space for unlimited websites and 100,000 visits monthly.

    10. WP Engine

    WP engine

    WPEngine is one of the reputable WordPress blog hosting services. It is one of the best options for e-commerce and bloggers. WP Engine is partnered with Google Cloud Platform and Amazon Web Services for a faster web experience and to run WordPress Blogs effectively without slowdown its sites.


    It offers 24/7 customer support, website migration, unlimited data space, and a free SSL certificate.

     Pricing Plans:

     Startup: £20 per month

    It offers 10 GB of local storage and 50 GB of bandwidth per month for a single website.

    Professional: £39 per month

    IT offers 15 GB local storage and 125 GB bandwidth per month for 3 websites.

     Growth: £75 per month

    It offers 20 GB of local storage and 200 GB of bandwidth per month for 10 websites.

    Scale: £189 per month

    It offers 50 GB local storage and 500 GB bandwidth per month for 30 websites.

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