Imagol: An excellent way to monetize your photography

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    Imagol is a type of P2P photo marketplace which is mainly based on the blockchain. With the help of this excellent blockchain based photography app called “Imagol DApp”, anyone in the world can now monetize the creations in photography and everybody can become a photographer even without any professional training or knowledge in photography. The main objective of Imagol is to bring out the creative artists and uncover their hidden talents by connecting them with users in a community where the original contents are being incentivized. In simple terms, Imagol is providing a platform by which the underprivileged artists can showcase their talents in photography and improve their livelihood through this innovative DApp.

    The idea behind the creation of Imagol DApp:

    With the increasing use of smartphones, the sales of SLR digital camera have been steadily decreasing. Studies have also shown that the demand for visual content has been increasing day by day with the establishment of the new digital economy. With the advent of various social media network such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Vine, etc. the development of visual media has increased.  Imagol DApp aims to make everyone a photographer and give the value of the effort.

    Best Way To Monetize Your Photography


    Moreover, big companies are monopolizing the stock photography industry. They charge the buyers premium prices but only offers a fraction of the amount to the creators. This is the reason why Imagol DApp was created. It aims to renumerate 85% of the sales amount to the creator of the photograph, i.e., the photographer. With Imagol DApp now every photographer will be treated equally and get their deserving values.

    The benefits of Imagol:

    One significant benefit of Imagol is that people no longer have to illegally download images through search engines for the completion of their project. With the help of Imagol DApp, stock photos will be more affordable, digital contents and creative materials including blogs, articles, websites, presentations, brochures, promotional collaterals and etc, can be more visually presentable with fewer words and more exciting images. Moreover, students will also be able to use a large number of photographs in their class projects and they no longer have to depend on the search engine for illegal image downloads.

    Photo piracy has now become a burning issue in today’s world and everybody steals photographs either from a search engine or any other platforms. When photographs are required for completion of a school project parents and teachers usually will tell the students to search for images from search engines. They do not even realize that downloading images from search engine and using it directly in the class project can become a copyright issue which is considered to a criminal offense. What’s worse, the original creator does not get the monetary compensation and recognition of their work when someone steals their photograph. Not every photographer can afford to pay litigation for protecting their work as it is too expensive.

    Monetize Your Photography - Imagol

    Imagol aims to have around 2.5 trillion photos on its photo library. Powered by blockchain-enabled P2P stock library network, the Imagol suite will enable two willing parties, buyer and photographer, to transact directly with one another without the interference of a 3rd party agency. The platform caters to emerging, aspiring and established photographers worldwide and anybody confident about the photography skills can showcase his/her work on Imagol and monetize it with the fairest remuneration.

    Again with the advent of the smartphone and rising use of social media, people now are taking photographs and upload them on social networking sites. It is found that the qualities of some of these images are as good as professional photographers. Such photographs are highly becoming the target of piracy. With Imagol, these wasted resources will be monetized, and people will earn an extra income.

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