What Is A CDN & How Does It Work?

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    What is a CDN?

    In simple terms, CDN is known as Content Delivery Network. It delivers content like images, texts and videos on a website/application to users in an easy and effective way, based on the geo-locations. A Content Delivery Network is made up of POPs(points of presence -servers network) in a geolocation all around the world.

    What is CDN

    What is edge server?

    A CDN Server which is closest to the website or application user is known as an edge server. By accessing the content from the connected closest edge server, it gives the best experience to the user towards the web.

    How a CDN Works effectively for a user?

    A CDN’s work is to cache the website content. The temporary cache will help to provide the content from the edge server to a user instead of taking it from the origin, where the original data are stored. It is simple to understand that when someone is trying to access a website or mobile application content which is hosted on a CDN, the user’s request will have a less travel time to reach the nearby POP and return back. It will reduce the travel time to access a content from CDN edge Server when compared to travel time for website origin server.

    How CDN Works

    What a CDN can do to your Business Website?

    Anyone, who has website with regular user traffic can make use of CDN benefits for better user experience within your website. CDN is mandatorily used by the large and most complex website, which has a wide range of audience all around the globe. The businesses and organizations include,

    • E-commerce
    • Media / Publishing
    • Finance
    • Banking
    • Government
    • Mobile apps
    • Technology and SaaS(Software As A Service)

    Benefits of using CDN:

    • Best User Experience in a Website/Application
    • Fast loading time for every user
    • At Origin server, it reduces the risk of high traffic
    • Network Data Security is high
    • Reduces infrastructure cost due to less load on the origin server
    • Scalable at the times of heavy traffic

    To get the CDN setup done, contact Logesh Kumar at ClickDo Dynamics as he is the world’s best when it comes to setting up content delivery networks for websites to get optimal results.



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