Top 20 Hosting Control Panels List For Best Web Hosting Experience

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    Web Hosting is the process of storing data and information about any website. Users need a web-hosting service to show their presence on the internet. All the images, coding, and other details are recorded securely, so web hosting is cost-effective. Usually, web hosting is owned by a private party service and it can be utilized after buying the hosting control panel. A hosting control panel is a tool for managing the whole website and the hosting control panel is used to manage servers along with the hosted services because it is a web-based interface tool. Always give preference to feature while choosing a control panel.

    List of top 20 Hosting Control Panels:

    1. SeekaPanel




    You can host a WordPress blog in few seconds with the World’s best web hosting service. Even beginners can easily host their sites without facing any difficulty on SeekaHost App. The service provides high security to prevent the PBN.

    2. cPanel



    cPanel is the oldest web hosting control panel, and the software is released in 1996. It provides Linux-based GUI and automation tools to make website hosting simple. cPanel is a third-party application and it allows you to publish your websites, and manage domains, web files, email accounts, and so on.

    3. Vesta Control Panel

    Vesta Control Panel


    Vesta is the best open-source web hosting that allows creating e-mail accounts, FTP accounts, and managing your DNS data. Vesta Control Panel allows the user to manage the different websites at the same time. Other features like backups, DNS records, e-mail, and firewalls can be provided by Vesta.


    4. Interworx



    Interworx is a secured web hosting control panel that is useful for website owners and resellers, and the software is designed as mobile-friendly.  Interworx is classified into two blocks. Node work for servers and site work for websites and domains.

    5. Centos Web Panel

    Centos Web Panel


    Centos Web panel is the free hosting control panel designed for easy management of VPS servers. CWP has advanced firewall features, secure login options, customized themes, and language translation.


    6. Webmin



    Webmin is a web hosting control panel software designed for UNIX-based systems. The late versions of Webmin can be used in Windows OS. The Webmin also allows the user to access it remotely.




    7. Plesk



    Plesk is one of the top-ranked server hosting panels which is designed for both Linux and Windows OS. Plesk administrator model is flexible for shared hosting. Plesk can be suitable for both business websites and hosting and it is more secure to use.

    8. Froxlor


    Website :

    Froxlor is the lightweight server management control panel. It provides effective web hosting services, domain name services, creates and manages multiple emails and FTP accounts. This open-source platform simplifies the effort of managing your hosting plans.

    9. Zpanel



    Zpanel is one of the open-source web hosting control panels, it is programmed by using PHP and it works well for Linux, Windows and Mac OS. Zpanel is free for the admins and it has the features of remote hosting, DNS, FTP, and email accounts, managing multiple domain names and databases.

    10. BlueOnyx



    BlueOnyx is one of the open-source simple designed hosting control panels. It is a fully integrated web hosting platform that includes web-based services, e-mail, domain registration, DNS, and file transfer services. BlueOnyx is free to download and use.

    11. EHCP

    Easy Hosting Control Panel


    Easy Hosting Control Panel is an open-source web hosting control panel. It is effective for all kinds of websites Hosting. EHCP allows to host of websites, create e-mail accounts, and FTP accounts.  Here, you can host multiple domains. EHCP has features of SSL support, DNS, domain transfer, server backup, email forwarding, etc.

    12. Ajenti



    Agenti is a Linux-based lightweight control panel. Agenti is a simple hosting panel, which makes the hosting and website creation process simple. Ajenti allows the user to manage different servers, track DNS records, etc.,

    13. DirectAdmin



    Direct Admin is one of the most used web hosting control panels, which allows the user to switch between languages by providing a Multi-lingual interface. It is very easy for any user as the GWI is designed that way.


    14. ISPmanager

    ISPS system


    ISP manager is the best Linux-based web hosting control panel. This hosting control panel is for both servers and VPS management. There are many features like DNS records, server backups, etc., and it is highly secured.

    15. HC9

    Hosting controller

    Website :

    The hosting controller (HC) is the shared hosting control module that contains both web-based and cloud-based controls to manage both the Linux and Windows servers. The hosting allows the user to manage different servers in a single interface.

    16. ISPconfig



    ISPconfig is one of the Open -Source hosting control panels which allows the user to directly manage servers through the browser. The service provides one or more controls in a single control panel.


    17. Sentora


    Website :

    Sentora is open source web hosting panel that is designed for Linux OS. It allows the user to interface with the browser without any difficulty.



    18. Virtualmin


    Website :

    Virtualmin is the best hosting control panel for managing Linux servers remotely. The main task of Virtualmin is to manage the Apache server.  Virtualmin allows the user to manage more than one dynamic server and the user will feel easy to use.


    19. hPanel



    hPanel slightly looks like cPanel but it is more comfortable. IT is easier for a user to navigate between servers by a single click with the options displayed on the homepage. This hosting panel is designed by Hostinger.


    20. WPengine



    WPengine is the leading hosting panel to manage and create WordPress sites. It is easy for a user to communicate between a hosting server and WordPress with high-level language proficiency. The software is easy that a fresher will feel free to work on the sites.

    Final Thoughts:

    It is difficult for a user to choose the best hosting control panel. Here there are 20 hosting panels, the best and the worst are decided according to the ratings. The ratings and reviews can be different for each user. So, compare all these 20 panels and choose your appropriate one and best for your website.

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