Best method to Clear history on Instagram

Best method to Clear history on Instagram

7th January 2019 0 By Dinesh Kumar VM

John … if your girlfriend finds you looking for “How to erase Instagram history” you will fall for a good one

You’re in luck, because deleting your last searches is very easy.

To use the same terms that Instagram uses, know that for them “erase history” is called “clear search history”, and is within the configuration menu of your account.

Fast answer:

Open your profile> Settings> Clear search history (one of the last options).

I explain it step by step:

How to delete Instagram history from your mobile

Follow the steps below and nobody will be able to see your searches:

Open the Instagram app and access your account by clicking on the menu.

Magnifier erases history

Click on the button to open configuration. If you use an iPhone you will see a cogwheel. If you use a mobile with an Android operating system (most mobile phones that are not an iPhone), then you will see a menu with 3 points.

clear instagram history

Profile delete history Instagram

Within the menu you will see many options. Scroll down to the bottom and look for “Clear search history.”

Select delete history Instagram

It will ask you if you are sure. If you want to delete the history, click on “yes”.

Confirm delete history Instagram

You already have it.

How to delete Instagram history from a computer

From a computer or pc you do not need to delete the recent search history because it does not save it. At least until today there is no record of your search history from a computer.

Hide searches on Instagram

Another option that you can do is simply hide Instagram searches for certain users. This way, the empty history would not remain, but only those that could cause you a problem would disappear – I do not want to get involved here.

Follow these steps to hide an Instagram search:

Open the app and access through the menu to the explore section (magnifying glass).

Click on the search bar and enter the first letters of the account you want to hide. When it appears, do what is known as “long-click” or what is the same: keep clicking on the name of the account.

clear history on instagram

The second menu will appear to hide the search.

Notice: This time there is no confirmation screen. If you click hide,

The suggested account will disappear automatically. To make it appear again you will simply have to do the search again.

Check that it is deleted

To check that you have deleted the history correctly click on the menu to explore on Instagram and perform a search.

If you see that nothing appears within the block of recent searches is that it has been successfully deleted.

Manage your privacy

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