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    Businesses have changed their approach to marketing strategies since the emergence of social media. However, every social media platform requires different tactics to make it successful. As such, it becomes more and more critical to understand the ways that each platform works, so that your business can fully benefit from social networking. What works for Facebook, for example, does not mean it will also work for Instagram. In order to take advantage of this marketing opportunity that Instagram offers to businesses, the account must follow some general rules.

    Know the target audience

    No matter how good the content is, there will always be intense competition on Instagram. There are over 800 million users of the social media platform, all of whom are potential customers that other businesses are already targeting. So as you create your profile and your audience grows, you need to know precisely how to attract potential customers. ReportGarden – Instagram reporting tool can help you know your target market and take decisions accordingly.

    Find and understand who these users are and what kind of content they’re looking for. Generally, Instagram users are pretty young and follow market trends. If you can create content that is appealing to these users, the likelihood that they become business customers will increase.

    Connect all accounts

    Though there are hundreds of millions of users on Instagram today, there are even more users on other social media platforms and networks. Make sure you’ve linked all your social media accounts so you can attract these users to your business Instagram page.

    Planning platforms such as Hootsuite and Buffer work well for these needs and come with the option to monitor analytics. This will help you find out where the audience is and what it responds to.

    Find the best time of day for posts

    An easy way to get more exposure is to post when most of the audience is online. With the Instagram Business Page, you will have access to analyzes, which are a good source of information. Please pay attention to analyzes that indicate when the pursuers are the most active, who they are, where they are, and what posts they respond to. Hootsuite, for example, recommends posting in the morning and the evening of Wednesday, because then is the time when most users around the world are active.

    promote business using Instagram


    However, why do we like Instagram marketing?

    1. Because virtually every page is structured just like the photo gallery of the phone.

    2. Almost every profile has a specific color, which makes you keep track of particular pages.

    3. It’s a fun social network. You have to try twice to offer a heart!

    4. Access your creativity. With the tools you get, you can make and edit photos in such a way as to attract easily

    Moreover, these are just a few, but we will discuss it more extensively about this topic in a future article, also here on the blog.

    Here are some tips for more awareness, and engagement through Instagram Marketing. To make it easier to track, we’ll divide them into categories:

    A. Increases the number of free Instagram likes and fans easier

    1. Create a # special for your brand and invite fans to use it in posts related to your products or services.

    2. Track the created hashtag and choose the most beautiful photos of the fans.

    3. Choose a day to reprint fan photos, give them a tag and thank them in the description. This will encourage your fans to take pictures of your products or services. That’s exposure, new fans, engagement, UGC (content generated by your audience), and various posts on your Instagram account.

    B. Cheats for Insta stories

    4. Add to stories information you have not already posted on Instagram. People want to see new things on stories, not the same photo/video you’ve posted on the feed. So be creative!

    5. Encourage followers to send you a direct message from your story. It’s an easy way to interact with your fans.

    6. Did you know that at stories you can see who watched your stories? By clicking on each story you will see the people who have watched it, so you can send them private messages, reward them with discounts, or invite them to join the site.

    7. Use the survey in stories. You can easily find out what your followers want. Ask a simple question with two variants of the answer, and you will see what expectations they have.

    Instagram for business

    C. Useful tools for Instagram Marketing

    8. To generate a more significant number of likes for posts, you can add a maximum of 30 #. In order to choose the most popular ones, you can use the site. You enter the site and enter 2-3 words that best describe the image you want to post; you’ll see 30, copy them and paste them into your post.

    9. Editing and stylizing images for Instagram is a must do! You can delete certain things from the images; you can give them more contrast, or lower, you can do anything. Let your eye work and arrange it exactly as you like it. 


    10. An instant story that attracts attention not only through the image but also through sound is a successful insta stories. That’s why we recommend editing videos for insta stories. You can add music, extract background sound, adjust the colors of the video, and add different emoticons. 

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