8 Cutting-Edge Features That You Should Consider Adding To Your Website

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    8 Cutting-Edge Web Design Trends for 2020

    Wanting to build a new website for your business? Whether you are selling products online or need a website to provide customers with information about your business, a modern, sleek website will help improve the impression that you leave on new potential clients and customers and help you stand out from the crowd. Here are some cutting-edge features that every business owner should consider adding to their website.

    8 Cutting-Edge Web Design Trends for 2020

    Aesthetically Pleasing Design:

    It might sound obvious, but your website needs to be nice to look at as well as simple to use. Simplicity is the key to a website that both works well and is easy on the eyes, and there are a few general rules to follow, especially if you are handling the design of your website on your own. Let go of any bulky, flash-heavy website design ideas and embrace the idea of less being more. The simpler the design of your website, the clearer your objective will be, and the easier it will be for your visitor to find the information that they need.

    Aesthetically Pleasing web design

    Responsive Design:

    Responsive design may be a given by now, but you may be surprised at the number of people who don’t realise that their website needs to work well on every device, rather than simply building a mobile version. Your website should look just as good and work just as well on every device that it is viewed on; if not, you run the risk of visitors having a frustrating experience and this impacting the impression that they have of your brand.

    Responsive Design

    Retro Look:

    Recently, lots of web design has been inspired by a good dose of nostalgia. Going for a retro look while still making sure that your site is clean and modern can have a really nice effect. Patterns and neon colours have come back around in web design for 2020. However, the key is to use them sparingly in order to grab the attention of the viewer rather than relying on them too heavily across your site. As always, making sure that there is plenty of white space should be key.

    Retro Look

    Feature Typography:

    Images are great and all, but some of the most intriguing websites today are relying on stand-out typography to look amazing. Don’t be afraid to take some pictures and make your website even more simple and sleek with feature typography. Spend some time finding the perfect font for your design or even consider having a unique font designed especially for your brand.

    Feature Typography

    Focus on Accessibility:

    One of the biggest up-and-coming web design trends right now is a heavier focus on accessibility. Web users have a range of diverse needs and it’s important to think about who might be viewing your website and any additional needs that they might have. Voice technology is a good example of this; any features that allow your visitors to ask verbal questions need to take into account users who are unable to speak, and even different accents.

    Focus on Accessibility

    3D Illustration:

    Flat design and flat illustration led the way for many years when it came to websites, but recently we have seen an increase in the use of 3D illustration. Unique 3D illustrations are being used instead of flat images, and the two are even being combined to create a unique and interesting look. This is a feature where you really can be experimental, try different things and figure out what works well for your website.

    3D Illustration

    Countdown Timers:

    A simple and easy-to-add feature, countdown timers are an ideal addition to any eCommerce trends website as they add a sense of urgency around a flash sale and encourage your customers to buy more using the ever-powerful fear of missing out. When your visitors can easily see how long the sale is going to last for, right down to the minute or the second, they will most likely feel an increased sense of urgency to make a purchase compared to browsing with no countdown timer in place.

    Countdown Timers

    Get Support:

    These are just some of the most popular cutting-edge features that are important to have on a modern website today. However, while there are many great website building platforms that allow you to easily add all of these and even more on your own without any prior experience, it can be a good idea to ensure that your business has ample IT support to turn to if you need assistance. This IT support service in Kent, Impreza IT, can help you with every aspect of designing and adding features to your website along with technical aspects, such as keeping your site and any visitor data secure. It’s well worth the peace of mind that comes from signing up to regular IT support; it’ll take the pressure off you and allow your employees to focus on the design aspects.

    Which cutting-edge website features do you like the most?

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