The 1 Thing You Need to Make Money Online – (No One Talks About This)

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    Are you trying to earn money working online but having a tough time? Have you been trying a bunch of things but haven’t had any luck?

    Well I used to be in the same situation as you. And before I get into what helped me break through and achieve a make money online career, I just want to say you’re not going to be sold anything in this article.

    I’m just going to provide you with pure value.

    My name is Zukais and I was trying to make money online for a couple of years. After dropping out of College, I was literally working 12 – 18 hours a day, every week for an entire year.

    It was Hell!

    As time went on, I finally had a breakthrough and this was what helped me make that breakthrough…


    Yup, that’s literally. It sounds nuts but hear me out.

    When I first got into the make money online scene, I was all over the place. I was switching from method to method. I never focussed down on one particular thing.

    Do you know what I did?

    I went ahead and did affiliate marketing. I then did dropshipping, Shopify, email marketing and the list goes on.

    And do you know what happened? That’s right, they all failed.

    Here’s when things changed…

    …I went ahead and picked 1 thing and just focused.

    You need to pick a method and stick to it. I know it’s hard when you see all these new make money online methods being uploaded to YouTube and then you see people having success with those methods.

    You need to lock-in and get tunnel vision. Find one make money online method and become great at it. Become above average with that method.

    Stop getting distracted by all the noise.

    You will see Youtube videos telling you how you can easily become a super affiliate or someone who tells you to give them 45 seconds of your time and they’ll teach you how to become a millionaire with Shopify.

    These distractions will only hinder you. They will make your make money online journey a lot longer.

    So which make money online method is the best one?

    Well there’s no one right answer for this. Everyone is different.

    You might have to dabble into a few methods to see which one is right for you. For example, you might find something like ranking local businesses on Google too technical and instead you’d like to run Facebook ads for business which is less technical.

    Find which one is right for you and then go all in.

    Become an expert in your particular area. You don’t have to be the best out there, you just need to know you’re craft pretty well.

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