Worrying research Findings Suggest Many UK Businesses Remain Unready for the PSTN Switch-Off

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    In 2025, the company that owns and runs the telephone network (Openreach), will be shutting down the PSTN Network (Public Switched Telephone Network). This means that domestic and business premises will need to switch their communication services over to VoIP. However, research has shown not all businesses are ready.

    What’s Happening to PSTN?

    Openreach has announced that they are going to be switching off the old PSTN network from 2025. This copper wire network has been in place for over 100 years but is now becoming hard to maintain. From 2025, the only way that you will be able to call other people will be through a VoIP provider (Voice over Internet Protocol). This will mean big changes for some companies, and it may take a little time to switch all the systems over.

    Not All Businesses Are Ready

    Not all businesses are ready

    According to a new survey, around 24% of small businesses are unaware of the plans to switch off the copper wire network. Openreach has claimed that they have now achieved 75% coverage of their FTTP network (Fibre-to-the-Premises).

    This means that the traditional idea of broadband being an addon to telephone lines will switch. Calls via VoIP will now be an additional extra for those companies that want to use it. However, to make the transition, some companies need to start working towards switching over before 2025 if they are going to continue using telephone communication.

    What Are the Issues?

    What are the issues

    Some businesses are facing problems regarding switching from ISDN to VoIP. Although 45% say they do not use a cloud service to integrate their calls, they will consider doing so. The problem is that many are tied into a contract with their phone provider that doesn’t end until after 2025. The same also applies to traditional telephone equipment. Another issue is that some companies are not sure what they need to do, or if they need to do anything at all. This means there could be a delay in some transferring over in time for the switch-off.

    What Can Businesses Do?

    What can businesses do

    To get your company ready for the switchover, it is important that you know all the details about the switch and what will happen. Once you are aware of the requirements, you need to set a plan in place to deal with any systems that need changing.

    This may include lift communications, door entry systems, and security systems. Contact all of these companies and see what they will be doing about the switch. You can then start to look at VoIP call providers to see which will be the best solution for you. It could be that your existing internet service provider already has a system in place.


    It seems that Openreach is determined to keep the date of 2025 to switch off the PSTN network. This means if your company hasn’t switched yet, then you need to start planning an alternative solution soon. By preparing for the switch in advance, will ensure that your business does not get left behind, future-proofing your business for years to come.

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