How a Video Production Agency can Improve your Digital Presence Globally?

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    Where once aesthetic images of food, flat-lays, holidays and makeup look ruled the internet, they have been overthrown by a new popular media format: video. Video is king, and many social media platforms have altered their algorithms to favour video content.

    Using a video production agency can level up your video to provide high-quality content to help you be discovered by global audiences. Video production agencies specialise in creating an encouraging engagement and conversation with different video formats and resolutions for social media platforms.

    Social Media Video Production

    Their services span all video media and formats, from omnichannel media campaigns, TV commercials and social media video production, to product and service innovation and global brands. Whatever video services you require, a video production agency can create concepts, timelines, production shoots and post-shoot editing, and offer guidance on posting schedules and locations.

    You could have the most engaging video content created in the world, but it’s no use if no one relevant sees it. Video production agencies can ensure your content is placed directly in front of people it will resonate with. Not only will your content reach people who are interested, but the content is designed to provoke reactions, and drive traffic to website or product pages. This will help grow your digital presence across different platforms and demographics.

    Video Content is More Engaging

    Video content is more engaging than other media formats. Social media users can momentarily immerse themselves in the content and learn information quickly from a video. Viewers spend 88% longer on websites with video content when compared to websites without video. When using high-quality video content, you can keep customers on your website or social page for longer.

    The popularity of TikTok has led to an increase in video ads. With the attention span shrinking to around 8 seconds, it’s imperative that you have high-quality content that captures your audience’s attention. As the TikTok-style content continues to take over other platforms, it’s important you are able to master storytelling within such a short time frame. Video production agencies can provide complete video editing services or offer advice on the type of video ideas that perform the best for a given audience.

    Another important element of video content is sound. Five years ago, most social media users would consistently have their sound off. Thanks, once again, to TikTok, we have entered a sound-on era. Poor quality or out-of-sync sound is incredibly off-putting to viewers. Video production companies have the industry-quality technology and sound systems to ensure your video sound is as high quality as possible.

    Video Content is the best way to grow your brand

    Video content is the best way to make your brand go viral. If you are able to join in on popular social media video trends or even make your own video trends, you will grow your digital presence exponentially. By kicking off a video campaign with a fun, trending and high-quality video, you create highly shareable content that people can enjoy and then recreate.

    One of the most popular forms of video content at the moment is live streams, and particularly Livestream shopping. Video production companies can help you host your very own live video stream, in a professional studio setting with best-in-class cameras and sound equipment. Live videos help brands interact with their audiences in real-time. If you want to show off a new product or use an influencer to host a live walk-through, hosts can answer audience questions as they come through. This means their purchasing decisions will be made within the span of the video, rather than audiences having to go and do their own research.

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