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    To make improvements to your Instagram marketing, it is essential to increase the number of followers you have on a consistent and steady basis. The more people that follow you on Instagram and become exposed to your brand, the bigger your audience will be that you can reach potentially each time you post something new on your Instagram account. The following are 5 Instagram marketing tips that are easy to implement and can help you with growing your brand – absolutely free.

    1. Use Instagram free tools

    Business profiles have started to be rolled out by Instagram, and they are very similar to the business profiles on Facebook. They come with a big ‘contact call-to-action that enables users to text, call, or email the business a great way to promote Instagram accounts.

    In addition to this contact option that is just becoming available, business profiles also have analytics, or Insights as Instagram calls them, that gives users access to engagement and impression data. If your Instagram account is being used for your business, you may want to convert your personal profile into a business one so you can take full advantage of those options. The better you understand the way your users are interacting with the content you post, the better you will be able to make the right adjustments to continue to make improvements to your engagement.

    instagram marketing tips

    1. Cross promote your Instagram posts

    If you would like to add some new Instagram followers easily who love your brand already, then post across your other social media accounts – LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, etc – and then invite them to follow you on Instagram. They are following you on social media already, so obviously they are interested in what you are offering, so give them an additional way that they can connect with your brand on social media.

    Don’t assume your posts are going to reach everybody who is connected to your company on social media. Some people end up moving away from specific social media platforms while others are not as active on certain networks and more so on other ones. You want followers to connect with you as on as many social accounts as you can in order to increase each post’s reach. 

    1. Don’t overwhelm your followers

    You should post frequently enough so that your brand remains relevant but you don’t want to post so often that your followers are overwhelmed and end up not following your account anymore due to them feeling like you are in their face constantly.

    There is no such thing as a magic formula for posting that works for every single brand. You will have to test and monitor your follower’s response. To get started, I recommend that you post two times per day, and alternate the times of the day to determine when the highest engagement with your account takes place. Then start experimenting with less and more posts per day. Pay close attention to the engagement you are getting. After you have found your sweet spot, your work is not over. As your following continues to increase you will need to make adjustments. Optimizing your post frequency is an ongoing process.

    1. Spark growth by interacting with your followers

    If somebody leaves a comment on a post of yours, you should take a couple of seconds to reply. Make sure you thank them. This simple type of engagement can help to create loyal customers and have someone who actively promotes your brand.

    Also, find ways to get followers to interact and engage with your posts. Just posting simple like “Tag three of your closest friends who would love this” really can help get your brand quickly in front of a bigger audience and attract new followers also. Since a friend is introducing your Instagram profile, they won’t be as resistant, and that can result in your profile being followed by many tagged users.

    instagram promotion tips

    1. Come up with your own interactive hashtag

    One great way that you can create instant engagement is to create an interactive hashtag – just be sure to use hashtags properly. A really easy strategy that I have used with some of the bigger brands that I consult with is to create a hashtag that can be used by customers to tag photos of themselves with the product they just bought.

    When you create a hashtag that you can search for photos of customers with your product there are two things that will accomplish

    More followers will use your hashtag and post photos of them with your product to be featured on your Instagram page.

    Each time uses your hashtag when they post all of their followers are exposed to your products and company – great free advertising!

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