Technology, the key for Modern Business

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    The digital business world of today has become less of an extension of traditional business and increasingly the primary focus of entrepreneurs. Helping significantly when it comes to efficiency in terms of reach, many of the benefits are derived from a higher level of interactivity which comes so naturally with a digital medium. Nowadays, in the age of apps and increasingly global Wi-Fi networks, it is interactivity within these mediums which often stands above the crowd when it comes to success.

    Simplicity and Efficiency

    Direct human interaction is still unparalleled when it comes to quality of service, especially when factoring in complex issues or desires, but it is not without caveats. People require a wage, and can only realistically manage one issue or request at a time. Digital system limitations still exist with a significant setup cost, though the ongoing cost is often much lower, and the ability to manage many different potential clients at once.

    technology for business

    “ATM Machine” (CC BY 2.0) by CreditRepairExpert

    In this, the digital age could be seen as a mere extension of the traditional in order to satisfy higher demand, but there is also far less capacity for human error. Both offline and online are interactive by nature, yet the more modern example is increasingly becoming the new status quo.

    Understanding the Bridge

    While it was always presumed that these systems would generate additional engagement, real numbers saw a rise far beyond initial estimates. This suggested that the more modern form of digital interactivity could offer more than just an update of older systems.

    Among the first to illustrate this connection was the world of online casinos and the live games which they now increasingly offer. In effect, they offer much of what made the traditional games popular. Bonuses like free spins slots games took advantage of these new systems, which can also be seen in online live casino offerings which effectively fuse the best of both worlds.

    This is also the case for viewable media which has traditionally been passive. Television, for example, is now looking to combine an interactive element with an episode of the hit show Black Mirror, though the long-term longevity of these shows remaining an interesting curiosity.

    technology for modern business

    “Quantum Break Delayed to 2015” (CC BY 2.0) by BagoGames

    Likewise, the popular Xbox and PC game Quantum Break, released on the 5th of April, 2016, combined live filmed scenes with an unprecedented level of quality. Changing based on actions with the game itself, and starring major and respected actors like Lance Reddick and Game of Thrones staple Aiden Gillen, it proved a successful bridge on a scale never before seen.

    Going Forward

    At this current trajectory, the rate of interaction between business media and consumers stands poised to expand. While the current climate is early, indicators suggest that this increased level of personal involvement between producer and consumer has helped drive engagement in a way never before possible. While the natural endpoint of these systems is far away from being enacted and is therefore utterly unpredictable, the increased engagement is an inevitability, at least for those with the resources.

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