Top 3 Ways to Stay Productive While Working From Home

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    These days, more and more of us are working from home due to the aftermath of the global Covid-19 pandemic.

    As great as it is to be able to work from the comfort of our own homes, it can also be challenging to stay productive and motivated.

    We’ve therefore compiled some tips to help all remote workers stay productive, healthy, and active while working from home and you may discover that you can too be as active as some of these fit tech entrepreneurs with the right habits.

    1. Set up a designated workspace

    work-from-home-workspace-setupHaving a dedicated space for working is key to staying productive. Make sure the space is comfortable and well-lit and try to keep it free from distractions. That way, when you sit down to work, you’re in the right frame of mind.

    Things you need for a perfect workplace

    A comfortable desk

    Height-adjustable standing desks are great for reducing back pain and promoting better posture. They allow people to alternate between sitting and standing throughout the day, which can reduce pain and fatigue caused by extended periods of sitting.

    Additionally, standing helps to increase circulation, boost energy and focus, and burn more calories.

    The standing desk for example comes with a 5-year warranty, offers certified safety features, and advanced features typically not found on other standing desk models.

    You can choose from a range of beautiful, well-thought-out color schemes to suit any mood and enjoy free delivery on every desk.

    A comfortable chair

    Ergonomic chairs with adjustable armrests and lumbar support can also help with posture and reduce neck and shoulder pain caused by poor posture.

    An ergonomic chair should be designed to provide maximum comfort and support while also promoting healthy posture.

    A good quality computer

    Investing in a quality computer, either desktop or laptop will help you stay productive and efficient.

    Good lighting

    Natural light is best, but if that’s not possible, make sure you have a good-quality lamp or two to provide adequate light.

    A whiteboard/bulletin board

    Having a whiteboard or bulletin board available is great for organising tasks, taking notes, and keeping track of deadlines.

    A headset/headphones

    Noise-canceling headphones are great for blocking out distractions while you work.

    Office Supplies

    Make sure you have all the basic office supplies, such as pens, paper, and staplers, so you don’t have to waste time searching for them when you need them.

    2. Make a schedule and stick to it

    woman-on-video-callWhen you’re working from home, it can be easy to get distracted by personal tasks.

    To stay productive, make a schedule for yourself and stick to it. Decide when you’re going to work and when you’re going to take breaks, and make sure you’re adhering to it.

    Take regular breaks

    Working from home can be overwhelming and it can be easy to burn out. To avoid this, give yourself regular breaks throughout the day. These breaks can be anything from a snack break or a walk outside. Take advantage of this time to give your eyes and mind a break.

    Stay connected with colleagues

    Working from home can be lonely and isolating. To combat this, stay connected with colleagues. Set up regular check-ins with your team, schedule virtual lunch dates, or have virtual coffee breaks. These small interactions can help you stay connected with your colleagues and keep you motivated.

    Set boundaries with family and friends

    When you’re working from home, it can be difficult to set boundaries between your personal and professional life. Make sure that family and friends know when you’re available and when you’re not. Set aside specific times to communicate with them and explain that during certain times you need to focus on work.

    3. Break up your tasks

    woman-having-coffee-while-workingWorking on one big task can be overwhelming and may lead to procrastination. Try breaking up your tasks into smaller chunks so they’re easier to manage. Also, try setting small goals for yourself to help you stay motivated and on track.

    Brainstorm ideas for tasks

    Take the time to brainstorm ideas for tasks that can be done from home. Think of tasks that can be done without going out of the house or without relying on physical resources, such as going to the library or visiting a store.

    Research any needed information

    For any tasks that require additional research, take the time to do the necessary research online. This may include searching for information about a particular topic, reading articles, or watching videos.

    Create a work schedule

    Create a work schedule that allows for productive work from home. Determine when the best times to work are and how much time can be devoted to each task.

    Break down tasks into manageable chunks

    Break down tasks into smaller, manageable chunks. This can help increase productivity, as tackling a large task can easily become overwhelming.

    Set reminders

    Set reminders for tasks that need to be done and deadlines that need to be met. This can help ensure that tasks are completed on time and that nothing slips through the cracks.

    Take breaks

    Take regular breaks throughout the day to help keep your energy levels up and your focus on track.

    Track your progress

    Keep track of your progress and the tasks that you have completed. This can help motivate you to keep going and stay on track.

    Hopefully, the above productivity tips will serve you well while you work from home. Give them a go and apply them to your general habits to improve your work-life balance.

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