How You Can Increase Productivity Levels By Overhauling Your Work Set Up?

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    Did you know that you can increase productivity levels within your organisation simply by changing the way you and your colleagues work? It’s easier than ever to overhaul, from the way people work individually or in a group, which this article will explore.

    Use Online Calendar And Meeting Tools

    If you wish to increase productivity levels across the board at your work, then it could be beneficial to look into utilising online calendars. If you sync up the calendars and use digital ones linked together, you will be able to keep your team on the same page.

    A shared calendar can inform your team of upcoming deadlines, both group ones and individual, as well as meetings and other important events within the business. Not only will these calendars be there for workers to look at, but they can be automatically reminded about events or recurring events and, in some cases, have important resources attached to reminders.

    It’s possible your computer already has this type of software installed and that you’re just not using it yet. If not, have a search online to find some others that may benefit your business.

    Compress Data And Utilising Data Storage

    One way you can increase your productivity within the workplace is by looking into your current storage situation. You may have years-old data clogging up the hard drive that you don’t even need anymore. Instead of deleting it outright, which is still an option, you could archive it away into cloud services for business. This saves space on your hard drive, saving it permanently online for whenever you would need it.

    Compress Data and Utilizing Data Storage

    It’s much like archiving something, where it will be somewhere until you need it. Alternatively, you could look to compress your files to keep storage space free whilst not damaging the integrity of the documents themselves. You can easily reduce the size of your PDF right from your browser with this tool from Adobe, which not only helps you save space but also makes it easier to share with co-workers.

    Be Wary Of The Environment

    Whilst your main priority may be to look into technological changes to help improve your organisation’s productivity levels, it’s also worth thinking about your working environment and the atmosphere. The environment could refer to how much space your colleagues have to work in or what tools they have to work with.

    Be Wary of the Environment

    If possible, you should try to invest in a second monitor for your workspaces. Having more monitors to work off of can aid you in extra research or having more resources to work with. Similarly, you should look to make it a more comfortable place to work. One way you can do this is by purchasing some ergonomic office chairs for the workstation. These are not only comfortable, but they protect the health of the user, as they won’t damage their back or spine.

    In terms of the atmosphere, you should work to create a culture of appreciation in the workplace, as this will help encourage workers to be productive and motivated in general. If you have a hostile atmosphere in place, then you run the risk of antagonising your workforce and having problems being created without being able to deal with them, as you may not be aware they exist.

    When working, you should also encourage regular breaks throughout the working day. This will especially be true for those who work in the office, as staring at screens for too long could hurt or strain eyes. You should also stretch throughout the day or move in general so that you don’t become too achy or get into pain.

    Update Software And Hardware

    Whilst it’s worth looking into accessories you can purchase to improve the workforce, as mentioned above, it’s also worth considering upgrading what you currently have. This will be more relevant when considering software development. Whether it’s looking into your operating system to find the latest version or looking into software you’ve purchased or subscribed to.

    Update Software and Hardware

    You may have to search for these updates yourself, or the applications themselves may make you aware of an upcoming update. It would help if you tried to schedule your updates for a time when you’re not working to minimise as much disruption as possible.

    Utilise Keyboard Shortcuts

    Utilize Keyboard Shortcuts

    You may not be aware, but your keyboard can help you save more time than you think by using keyboard shortcuts. This refers to you pressing a sequence of buttons at the same time on your keyboard to access a feature that you otherwise would have to manually go and find. You may be familiar with some, such as Ctrl+S, which saves your documents, but there will be dozens of useful combinations for both Windows and Mac keyboards.

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