Which one is better: Web Hosting or Cloud Hosting?

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    The business website plays a crucial role in the making and falling of the brand. Different type of hosting is provided which varies according to the website. Mainly, they are categorised in between Standard Shared Hosting and Virtual Private Servers. Despite that, there is one more category i.e Shared and Cloud web hosting. Many people argue in between the qualities of both the hosting but both the types are very dissimilar. It completely depends on the type of business you have.

    Whereas, there are multiple courses available over the internet like (Amazon Web Services) AWS course which uncovers the terms related to cloud. The course demonstrates, validates the knowledge, skills based on the cloud. On completion, you will be able to innovate, customise the better solutions by accomplishing the project objective through virtual training, onsite training.   

    Each of us needs a functioning website and for that, you need web hosting. Type of hosting you choose is dependent on you only. You might be thinking which will be better either this or that. So, to simplify that task the article covers an objective of hosting such that you can clear your thoughts on hosting and its types.

    Web Hosting:

    It is a term that constitutes the questions related to where and how to host the website. In detail, the website holds numerous files on the host. When the user types the name of the domain then it downloads the files from the host file and displays it. Web hosting is a type of business which provides web services, server space, file maintenance controlled by the individuals or companies that does not have web servers.

    Web Hosting - Choose The Better

    It can be further categorised as Shared Hosting, Dedicated Hosting, Root server Hosting and Reseller Hosting.

    • The content uploaded on the server is shared with other customers who are using web host as the medium. The web host involves technicians who not only handles the servers but also monitors them.    
    • Dedicated hosting is one of the popular and sophisticated types of hosting. In this type of hosting you can take rent and take benefit by accessing the other resources from web host providers.
    • Root server hosting gives the facility of continuous internet connectivity. In this category, you can choose the operating system and hardware specification according to the need.
    • Reseller hosting is mostly used by the entrepreneurs, business owners who host on account of their client. In this case, you have a contract with the client and sells the services under their brand name.

    Cloud Hosting:

    From last few years, cloud hosting is gaining popularity. In cloud hosting, you need not rent the space as all the hardware servers are virtual. It gives you multiple options to expand the resources plus, the site gets security from the malfunctioning servers, and also it gives the leverage to switch to another site in case any underperformance occurs.

    Cloud Hosting or Web Hosting

    There are multiple reasons behind the popularity of Cloud hosting. Some of them are:

    • Flexible pricing-  Cloud hosting offers you the flexibility to scale up or scale down according to the traffic on your site(according to the need). Means you aren’t stuck, you can end the server resource which you are not using.
    • Scalable- In case the traffic on your site is regularly up and down then the need of host is quite high for your site. If the shared host is not helping out and the dedicated host gives high resource then cloud hosting is the best alternative for you.
    • High performance- If you are facing issues with performance and speed then you just need high performing server or good cloud hosting. There are also hosting providers who offer upto 10gpbs hosting if your website receives millions of organic traffic everyday.

    Finally which one is best:

    Although, both the type do have advantage and disadvantage. Whereabout, dedicated hosting is considered to be the best web hosting which is safe, secure, reliable, and self-sufficient that can optimise the page load. However, it does have a disadvantage like the need of installation, monitoring, upgrade and configuration. So, it needs the skilled administration which can implement it successfully.

    Whereas, Cloud computing gives the benefit to the company by storing the data on

    “The cloud” hence, expenses are reduced. Despite that, large companies are still afraid of its implementation because of trust lackness between the providers and corporations. Due to the security issues faced by the companies implementing it. As there are chances that hackers may break the shield of security and access your private data.

    So, now it depends on you and decides which one is better for your business? Take a deep breath and think wisely.  

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