8 Cryptocurrencies Where You Can Invest This Year

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    You might be already aware of the fact that cryptocurrencies were being an important part of the newspapers recently. You are not going to spot a single person who does not have knowledge about the cryptocurrencies currently. The reason behind this amazing interest is because of the rise in the price of not only Bitcoin but also the other kinds of cryptocurrencies. This is why people have started getting intrigued by the platform of digital currency, and they are also constantly wondering as to how they will be able to make money with the help of it.

    However, there are certain things that you should definitely know. Investing in cryptocurrencies is one of the most speculative activities. You will see ups and downs and you need to know that they are not going to follow any specific pattern and moreover, the market is also not regulated properly. Therefore, you need to be careful before you decide to process any further.

    Cryptocurrencies are digital and they are known to work on the basis of the block-chain mechanism, where each and every transaction is going to be recorded in the single ledger by using encryption. Cryptocurrencies are not under the control of the central banks or any other kind of authority and they are outside the control of the government. According to, 30% of the millennials would prefer investing in cryptocurrency.

    Given below is the list of the cryptocurrencies, which you can invest in this year.


    Ethereum is one of the most renowned cryptocurrencies, which has been proposed by a famous computer programmer, Vitalik Buterin. It had been launched in the year 2015, with around 12 million coins. Ethereum observed a huge spike in the year 2018 because the value grew by almost 13000%. This made it one of the phenomenal investment options for the enthusiasts of cryptocurrencies. You also need to know that Ethereum is a market cap cryptocurrency within the entire market of cryptocurrencies after Bitcoin.



    VeChain is based out of China and it is considered to be an underrated cryptocurrency. This is what had made it ideal for investors in the year 2018. The company was known to be headed by one of the C-level executives of numerous Fortune 500 companies, Sunny Liu. Since it is also a leading cryptocurrency project, the basic objective of VeChain is developing the supply chain solutions for numerous Chinese corporate, which is going to help them to prevent counterfeiting. With the cryptocurrencies, you do not have to worry about going into unwanted debts. If you are already in debt, you can go through the debt consolidation reviews.


    Ripple has been all over the news because it has been adopted by numerous companies all over the world. Reputed institutions, which include MIT, is known to accept Ripple as one of the most legitimate payment forms. One startup named Omni, which was responsible for raising the Series C and the Series D funding of almost 25m is using Ripple as opposed to making use of the traditional currencies.


    Litecoin was started in the year 2011 and it has been modeled on a similar framework like Bitcoin. It was basically the idea of Charlie Lee, who was an employee of Google. The unique selling point of this cryptocurrency is that it is capable of processing blocks after 2.5 minutes, which makes it extremely fast when processing the transactions. Between the months of November and December in the year 2017, Litecoin was responsible for observing a huge jump in the value. After that, it became one of the best cryptocurrencies in the entire globe.


    Dash or Digital Cash is one of the independent Altcoin platforms, which started in the year 2015. With the market capitalization of 4.8 billion USD, Dash is responsible for handling transactions worth 100 million dollars on a regular basis. This is what has made it one of the top cryptocurrencies of the world.


    It is a promising entrant on the entire scene of cryptocurrency and the recent rise in the price has opened up the path for the bright future of this cryptocurrency. Zcash was started in the year 2016 and is controlled by Zooko Wilcox-O’Hearn, who is not only the founder but also the chief executive officer.

    This cryptocurrency is responsible for the circulation of 21 million coins and the payments have been listed on one of the public block-chains. It is also responsible for providing the users’ total secrecy by hiding the transaction details, which includes the names of both the payer and the recipient. However, unlike the other cryptocurrencies, this cryptocurrency permits the users to get a copy of all the records of the detailed payments, which are normally made by them.

    The reason behind this is enabling the corporations as well as individuals to comply with the laws of taxation as well as money laundering even when they are making transactions by using the cryptocurrency.

    cryptocurrencies to invest this year


    Iota was founded in the year 2015 and it was one of the most discussed cryptocurrencies of 2018. The architecture of the block-chain is unique, which ensures that the transactions, which are made on Iota, are free. This is undoubtedly one of the most useful features for those cryptocurrencies that aim to become one of the primary payment modes that are adopted by both the tech corporate as well as the startups.


    The unique selling proposition of Monero is that it is completely anonymous and an untraceable cryptocurrency. The transactions, which are recorded, cannot be traced, and this is one of the important reasons as to why it is lucrative for the advocates of citizen privacy. It was launched in the year 2014 and it is a unique open source platform, which makes use of the combination of ring signatures as well as stealth addresses, in order to mask all the details associated with a particular transaction. Monero has also seen the climb of 1300 percentage, which has made it one of the interesting as well as viable options of investment, for those who are interested in entering the space of cryptocurrency.


    There have been numerous developments in the year 2018 and that is why the public is interested in the cryptocurrencies. With time, cryptocurrencies are going to be adopted almost everywhere. You can also be assured that the cryptocurrencies are going to stay.


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