What Is PBN In SEO & How to Build It?

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    If you are in SEO or Digital Marketing Industry then you must be hearing the word PBN frequently. But most of them were not able to understand the explanation provided by the experts and they will leave it as a technical term.

    If you don’t know the importance of link building, Domain Authority and Powerful Backlinks then it is a bit difficult one to understand the meaning of this word PBN. Here I have explained all about “What is PBN in SEO & How to Built it?” using the easily understandable terms in a clear way.

    What is a PBN?

    PBNPrivate Blog Network is the collection of Website using which you can build some powerful and high authority backlinks to your website to make it rank higher in Search Engine Results Page.

    Search Engine Result Page – If you search for something in a search engine, then you will get a list of web pages in a page which is called Search Engine Result Page (SERP).

    pbn domains

    If you were in need of something, then what will you do? You will just open your browser and will search for it. Then you will enter into the website which is ranking in the top of the search.

    Finally, to bring your website on top of the search result for your domain based keyword, you must optimize your website based on various factors.

    Here Domain Authority and Links to your site is one of the very important ranking factors and to make it happen you will be entering into PBN Blogs.

    The PBN Sites won’t have any links to each other and it will look unrelated as well. So if you get links to your business website or money sites then it will look very natural to increase the ranking of your webpage in Search Engine Result Page.

    How PBN works well for SEO?

    Every website owners want to rank their website on top of Search Results. Yes, that’s 100% true. If you are a Business Owner then you must rank your website at the top of search results for your business based keywords. If you are a Blogger or tech writer, then you will look forward to monetizing your website.

    To earn more, your website must have a good number of visitors every time and to make regular visitors you must rank your blog posts organically over search results.

    monetize with pbn

    Links are the Important Ranking Factor. It is the only way to identify quality sites. Bots can’t read and analyse the content quality like humans, so they used to analyse the domains based on backlinks and its authority.

    If you see some high quality and meaningful content, then you will give a reference link to that website so by understanding this as a ranking factor search bots increase your ranking position in search results. That’s the reason why Backlinking and PBN links were very important to rank your websites.

    If you are not convinced with the above data, then you can also analyse your site with top SEO Tools which is developed to analyse the website based on the ranking signals.

    How to Find PBN Domains?

    In the above content, you should have understood the importance of PBN and how it helps a lot in ranking your website. Now we came to the next half that “How to find the PBN Domains and where to get those?

    what is pbn domain

    Before going into the topic, you must a few basic difference between the expired domains & expiring domains.

    Expired Domains are the domains completely came to the sale. If you buy a domain then you must renew it properly to use it continuously. If you didn’t renew it then you will lose the domain completely.

    Expiring Domains are the domains which reached its expiration date but the domain registrar will take hold of it for auctioning or selling it to others.

    To make the words simple, PBN Domains are the expired domains with high Domain Authority. Some people believe that expired domains were powerful and some will feel like expiring domains were powerful but both were the same.

    private blog network

    To find the PBN domains there are various software and online websites, using which you can find the best for you. Also, there are various people who make it as a business.

    Some of the websites are

    How Should a PBN be?

    You must be very careful while hosting your PBN Domains. Because PBN Domains should not have any link to each other and it must look very natural. So if you getting the hosting, you must make sure all your PBN Domains were allocated with Unique IP Address with private nameserver details. So bots can’t track the path of your domains and it will look natural as well.

    private blog network domains

    If you looking to Host your PBN Domains then you can host it in SEEKAHOST – PBN Hosting Provideras SeekaHOst team know the importance of PBN Hosting and it’s functioning, they providing the best PBN Hosting.

    You can also read the SEO Hosting Vs PBN Hosting

    More tips about PBNs can be learned at PBN Demystified.

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