Tips For Growing Your Instagram Profile

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    It is very important to grow your Instagram profile since it is such a well-known and popular photo-sharing social media platform. It is exciting, fun and simple. Best of all, the site offers a way to express your emotions and thoughts and communicate through photos. This is considered the easiest way to communicate since pictures can express what words cannot. However, growing your Instagram Profile isn’t easy.

    Why is growing your Instagram profile important? There are many reasons why you might want to do this. Some people love communicating and would like to increase their social circles. There are other people who use it to market their businesses. Websites, like IG Auto Like, are available to help you grow your profile. Contact IGautolike for 30 free Instagram like trial.

    If you’re looking for the best service to help you do this, head over to Increditools’ website, which has the list of a good Instagram growth service providers. A good Instagram growth service can help you build a following and save valuable time that you can use for creating content that resonates with the audience.

    So how do people end up with millions of Instagram followers? The following are some tips to help you do just that.

    Be responsive

    Post on a consistent basis to keep your users engaged. Post once per day at least to get content from you into your followers’ newsfeeds. It has been shown by research that profiles with large numbers of followers post two to three times a day on average. Follow up with people. Everyone likes feeling well cared for. If you post regularly your picture will be more likely to appear on the top of the newsfeeds of your followers. 

    grow instagram profile

    Post exclusive content

    Provide your followers with exclusive content. Give them a good reason why they should follow you and also refer you to their social circles. Find Instagram users who may be interested in what your business has to offer and figure out what types of things they like. Post fashionable or trendy content. People don’t like things that are common, so provide them with things they can’t find anywhere else. You will need to do enough research about things you are interested to do this. If you don’t have enough time to do research and come up with interesting ideas, “like” photos in your community and also comment on things you find interesting. That can help you get noticed.

    Use hashtags

    Your very best friend on Instagram is definitely hashtags. We recommend that you use five to ten hashtags on every post in order to help increase Instagram traffic to your posts. Hashtags can help you be a lot more accessible to Instagram users. They help put you on the same level as users and hashtags make it easier for others to find your content. Research some of the more popular hashtags on Instagram. There are websites that provide lists of popular hashtags that you can use to help make your content more accessible. You should use hashtags that relate to your type of page and content. Using irrelevant hashtags is not helpful, so don’t use them.

    Use geotagging

    Effectively using geotagging is very important since it allows you to engage with users in a very interactive way. When your pictures are geotagged, it increases the chance that people who are visiting the place will find your content and follow you based on having similar interests. So if you happen to visit a famous place, make sure to post pictures that relate to it and make sure to geotag those photos as well.

    tips to grow instagarm profile

    Run a contest

    People love to be recognized and also love prizes. Get a competition arranged among your followers and offer a reward. For example, you could ask them to re-post pictures from your Instagram profile. Tagging you in their posts or sharing your profile can work as well. You can ask them to mention you in their comments. These things can drive high amounts of traffic to your Instagram page and help you with growing your profile. You can then mention the name of the contest winner in your post and sent a gift as a token of your appreciation. Whenever people are credited with something they have done, they will definitely mention it to their social circle.

    Link your Instagram profile with other social networks

    Make sure that you share your Instagram ID link on your other Social Networking websites like LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. That will encourage more people to follow you and your friends will contact you more often. That will make it easier for the followers from your networks to find you and follow you on your social networks. 

    Approach influential users.

    There are 300 million people using Instagram on a daily basis and user engagement levels are sky-high. There are many popular personalities and celebrities who use the network. They have huge numbers of followers that see all of the posts that they make. One highly effective method is to contact them and find a way to get them to share your content or mention you in their posts on a monthly basis. People will follow what they say and help you with growing your Instagram profile very quickly. 

    Add attractive filters and text

    Instagram offers many filters. Use can use them to make your posts look stunning and beautiful. They can help you present a very attractive image for your audience. When you add text to your images it can also enhance your followers’ understanding. So just add some interesting and relevant content to your posts. Tell followers what something is or why they need it.

    tips to grow the instagram profile

    Instagram will continue gaining an increasing number of users and followers. Keep in mind they are also your potential future customers. You just need to come up with strategies for grabbing their attention and then holding their interest. It is a huge opportunity for you to significantly grow your customer base, which will give your business tremendous benefits. Implement these strategies to take full advantage of this exciting opportunity. You need to think outside of the box in this technological age. So just follow these tips to bring more business headed your way.


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